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Extrait de Battalions Of Fear


Extrait de Follow The Blind

Welcome To Dying

Extrait de Tales From The Twilight World

Ashes To Ashes

Extrait de Somewhere Far Beyond

Lost In The Twilight Hall

Extrait de Tokyo Tales

Mordred's Song

Extrait de Imaginations From The Other Side

Lord Of The Rings

Extrait de The Forgotten Tales

Mirror Mirror

Extrait de Nightfall In Middle-Earth

And Then There Was Silence

Extrait de A Night At The Opera

The Bard's Song (In The Forest)

Extrait de Live

The New Order

Extrait de A Twist In The Myth

Snakes Of Destruction

Chanson composée en Novembre 2006 pour le magazine "Revolver" (Extrait Complet)

A Voice In The Dark

Extrait de At The Edge Of Time

You're The Voice

Extrait de A Voice In The Dark

War Of The Thrones (Version Acoustique)

Extrait de A Voice In The Dark